Information relating to Lynx Air and insurance included on your CIBC credit card.

  • If you are currently travelling and your flight has been cancelled due to Lynx Air ceasing operations, and you booked your flight using your CIBC credit card that includes Trip Interruption Insurance, you may be eligible to submit a claim for the following:
    • Cost of one-way economy ticket home
    • Accommodations, meals, telephone (including cell phone roaming fees), taxi and ridesharing services for costs associated with the delay until you can secure the first available flight home.
  • Eligible claims will only be paid up to the maximum allowed under your certificate of insurance. Please review your certificate of insurance to see who is eligible for coverage and the limits associated with coverage.
  • If you do not have a travel voucher for Lynx Air, there is no coverage associated with Trip Cancellation Insurance.
  • If you had a previous eligible trip cancelation claim; however, did not submit a claim because you were issued a travel voucher that is no longer valid, you may be eligible to submit a Trip Cancelation claim.

To open a Trip Interruption claim relating to Lynx Air, please call us at 1-866-363-3338 (if in Canada or the United States) or call collect 905-403-3338, or open a claim online.